Water Damage Restoration

When your business or home is inundated with water, you should know how to respond so as to help minimize the repair cost rising from the hundreds of dollars to in some cases thousands of dollars.

Your safety and that of your family is paramount.

Ensure all electrical appliances in the area that has been affected are turned off and power leads are removed from the wall sockets. Turning the main power off to do this would be the ideal way.

Make sure you are wearing footwear when walking through any flooded area as you never know what has been introduced into the area. 
Inspect the ceiling to ensure there is little possibility of the ceiling caving in if you are attempting to enter the damaged area.
 Be extra careful when moving from a wet area to a dry hard surface as it may now be very slippery.

Locate the source of the Water.
 If the damage is caused from broken plumbing, turn off the main tap and call a licenced plumber.

If the water that has built up in the room is from a clean source, i.e. a broken pipe, try to find an escape route for the water to flow out of the room. Do not attempt this if the water will enter an unaffected area.

If it is safe to do so, try and remove as much personal property from the room as possible, including clothing and any valuables and paintings.

Call your insurance company for instructions and give us a call.