Odour Control

There are many reasons for an odour to be present in Carpet and Upholstery.
At Network Carpet Cleaning, we have extensive training in the field of ODOUR CONTROL.

To give an example of removing any odour on this site is simply NOT possible. Each odour must 
be accessed and the source located, before any remedial treatment can be undertaken.

In the home, Urine and body odours can be addressed using our DRY FUSION system and BACTOSHIELD. Using this system to clean your home, we can clean your Carpet and Upholstery and apply a fluorocarbon stain protective coating and a long lasting antimicrobial treatment all in the one process.

If you have any concerns of  odour in your home, be sure to mention this at the time of making an appointment.

Pet and Urine Odour

Network Carpet Cleaning is a registered retailer of  Urine Free. This is an all in one odour and stain removal treatment.

How does Urine Free work?

Masking agents and deodorisers merely cover the urine odour with a fragrance.  Alcohol and solvent-based products remove some of the compounds but do not remove the insoluble urine salt crystals.  These crystals are the source of odours that return in humid conditions, even after ‘cleaning’. Urine Free’s microbial components actually digest the urine deposits at the source of the odour and remove tough stains in most cases.

For more information on Urine Free, give us a phone call.