Commercial Cleaning

First impressions are lasting impressions.

When new customers enter your business, generally what they see is a lasting impression. That could be the difference between gaining a new client/customer or loosing them. Let Network Carpet Cleaning discuss a maintenance program to keep your business inviting to new and existing clients/customers.

Indoor Air Quality

Staff working in enclosed, air conditioned surroundings introduce pollutants each day they come into work. The pollutants may include illness, pet hair, or pollen that come off their clothing and add to the build-up day by day. Network can demonstrate a cleaning system using Bactoshield, which will improve the air quality of the working environment.

Having plants indoors can assist with the indoor air quality. Unfortunately, the amount of plants that is actually required would leave very little if any room for anything else in the premises. Daily vacuuming can remove some of the loose soil pollutants, but to deep clean and keep your premises looking in the best possible light, Professional regular cleaning is required. Please call Network Carpet Cleaning to discuss your particular situation.

Choose Network Carpet Cleaning.

We are fully trained to clean and maintain a large range of carpets, including but not limited to Wool, Nylon, Flotex, Carpet Tiles and many other makes and combinations. We have machines such as a Rotary Jet Extractor (RX20) which delivers over 600 cleaning strokes per minute. We use this powerful machine in restaurants and other very high traffic commercial premises.

We also have the Dry Fusion System for private homes, offices, nursing homes, hospitals, gymnasiums, and child care facilities.

To give your Business that inviting, welcoming feeling, call us today to see how we may assist you.