Wee Off

BNS Represents effective environmental friendly cleaning products and solutions developed with Biotechnology and Beneficial Cultured Bacteria which removes the source of cleaning problems without the need of harsh chemical cleaners
The bacteria used in our products contain 6 strains of ROETECH patented bacillus bacteria that produce enzymes, resulting in an extremely powerful biological product which breaks down and digests the source of the problem. Most of our products are up to 100 times more effective than conventional products such as chemicals or Enzyme based cleaners, offering significant savings.

Wee Off works by releasing fast acting bacteria that penetrate most hard and soft surfaces to source out the culprit of the stain or odour.

Wee off breaks down organic matter such as urine, faeces, coffee, food, milk, sauce, and vomit, eliminating the source of the problem rather than masking it.

Ideal for

-Urine stain & odour remover

-Carpet & upholster Cleaning

-Hospitality industry, hotels and motels

-Animal enclosures, pet shops

-Mattresses, couches, and curtains cleaning

-Age care facilities and nursing homes

-Child care facilities and kindergartens