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This is a set of stairs that were cleaned by Network Carpet Cleaning recently.

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Network Carpet Cleaning services a large area of the Wollondilly area also.

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Carpet Cleaning Bargo

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Carpet Cleaned by Network Carpet Cleaning


This is an example of a Carpet Cleaned by Network Carpet Cleaning

Can i walk on my Carpet straight after it has been cleaned.

The answer is yes but.
If you decide to walk onto the carpeted area that has just been cleaned, please consider the following.
Make sure your footwear is clean or if you are going to be bare footed, make sure your feet are clean. Any soil that you track onto the carpeted area while it is damp, is likely to attach to the fiber and leave your carpet looking dull.
Also, when the carpets are damp following Professional Steam Cleaning, they may be slippery to walk on. The danger of a slip is more possible when you step from the damp carpet to a hard surface.
Ideally, it would be best for all concerned not to walk on the carpet until it is completely dry.
We also strongly recommend that you keep children and pets off the newly cleaned carpet until it is completely dry.

Cleanliness Of Your Carpet and Upholstery In Your Home

The quality of the environment of your home is reliant on several factors. Then cleanliness of your Carpet and Upholstery is one factor that can contribute to a healthier interior of your home, as well as adding to the look and feel of your home.

After the purchase of your home, the next large investment, is the choice of floor covering and upholstery.

The most practical way of preserving your Carpet and Upholstery is regular maintenance.
Because your Carpet and Upholstery can and does act as a filtering system trapping tracked in contaminates, including fungus and bacteria, chemicals and other pollutants, it is important to have the regularly Professionally Cleaned.

Regular annual cleaning is desirable for health reasons but sometimes for that Special Occasion or maybe you just need a general tidy up, call Network Carpet Cleaning and we will be there for you.

Baby and Pet Safe Carpet Cleaning Products Australia


We realize that in a lot of instances, having
children and pets on the carpeted area is an
everyday occurrence. This is one of the reasons
we choose to use the Quality Detergents, that we
will use to clean your home.

All the cleaning detergents used by Network
Carpet Cleaning have been tested and approved
by an international organization.
We understand the importance of a clean and
healthy indoor environment, sort by our customers.

Having Trained and being Certified as a HECS
(Health and Environmental Cleaning Systems)
Technician, we still practice this system during

Some of our spotting agents that may be used
in your home during cleaning, are neutralized and
rinsed from your carpet during the cleaning

We aim to leave your indoor environment in a
better state when we leave then when we arrived.