Baby and Pet Safe Carpet Cleaning Products Australia


We realize that in a lot of instances, having
children and pets on the carpeted area is an
everyday occurrence. This is one of the reasons
we choose to use the Quality Detergents, that we
will use to clean your home.

All the cleaning detergents used by Network
Carpet Cleaning have been tested and approved
by an international organization.
We understand the importance of a clean and
healthy indoor environment, sort by our customers.

Having Trained and being Certified as a HECS
(Health and Environmental Cleaning Systems)
Technician, we still practice this system during

Some of our spotting agents that may be used
in your home during cleaning, are neutralized and
rinsed from your carpet during the cleaning

We aim to leave your indoor environment in a
better state when we leave then when we arrived.


  1. Very nice Blog. It’s very important for the final outcome of the carpet but also as important to make sure the customers understand the difference. Thanks for the sharing carpet cleaning information.

  2. Yes our company we offer varios type of it..we separate Home and Commercial..For carpet cleaning there is aspects that you need to consider.

  3. will anyway nice blogs :)

  4. Sam says:

    Great we should only use cleaning detergents approved by an
    international organization.carpet cleaning don’t use
    any detergents that damage carpets.

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